The Mission

Come and try to find the treasure the pirates locked into the hidden cave on a mysterious island many centuries ago.

The pirates left some hints around the island to be able to locate the entrance to the cave.

You will need logical thinking, consistency, mental strength and sharp mind to be able to find the treasure.

If it´s not enough then you should just follow your intuition.

Your adventure begins in the travel agency where the careless employee happened to lose your boat ticket.

You need to find it quick or you will miss the last boat of the season that leaves to the island with next high tide.

The answers are hidden in the details and your time is running out.

The travel agency staff feel responsible for losing your ticket so they are glad to help you whenever you get stuck.

The trip to the island is pleasant and safe but beware, the island where you are heading to is known to have a mysterious past.

As soon as you set your foot on the island, a bird grabs the key of your suitcase. You need to find the right tool to get it back.

To get closer to finding the treasure you have to go to the bar to find out the deaf pirate´s favourite cocktail.

You want more answers?

For that you need to be able to read the ancient tribe´s forgotten language.

To reach your goal you need to follow the symbols.

Use the raft to cross the river. Make friends with the wise old turtle and he will show you the right path.

Take control of the fleet and navigate the boats to the right direction.

Are you able to speak the ancient language by now?

It will help you to unlock the entrance to the cave.

Now you need to hurry because you need to leave the island before the low tide arrives...